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This will occur June 14th - 17th of 2017

This exercise will imitate an actual activation of the Arkansas Earthquake Clearinghouse and raise awareness of earthquake response complexities.

What You Need To Know

The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management is organizing the Earthquake 2017 Exercise with multiple state agencies (including the Arkansas Geological Survey), county and local partners. This exercise is designed, in part, to evaluate the Arkansas Geological Survey's capability to execute portions of one of its emergency response plans - referred to here as the Clearinghouse Plan. This exercise will test and evaluate the Clearinghouse procedures, policies and the roles and responsibilities of the management and staff.

As a part of the Earthquake 2017 Exercise, this web page will be updated on a frequent basis, reflecting and informing public, scientists and other end users of the scenario/geohazard event and current situational awareness information as the exercise unfolds

In preparation for the Earthquake 2017 Exercise, the Clearinghouse will be hosting coordination meetings starting the week of January 23. Please check back on this web page for detailed information on the date, time, location, agenda, etc.

Additional Information

The Arkansas Earthquake Clearinghouse was established in 2016 by the Arkansas Geological Survey to facilitate the gathering, interpretation and analysis, sharing of critical geologic observations following a significant geohazard event. The Arkansas Clearinghouse model is an important component of earthquake and other geohazard responses with respect to AGS' relationship with the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM). The AGS Clearinghouse membership includes participants from local, state and federal agencies, universities and private organizations and is managed by a steering committee represented by the Arkansas Geological Survey, CUSEC, USGS, at large members and three state/regional universities. The Clearinghouse meets twice a year along with the Governor's Earthquake Advisory Council (GEAC) to maintain strong working relationships between the members and agencies and to continue to improve operational preparedness through exercises.

Mission Statement
To facilitate the assimilation, interpretation and dissemination of post-earthquake information to end users (emergency management officials, scientists and others) using the talents of scientists, engineers, sociologists, economists, and other professionals who arrive in the impacted areas.

Products & Services
Following a significant, damaging earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, a Clearinghouse operation will be established to:


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