AGC/AGS Series Bulletin
Number Series 44
Title Age Relations of the Carboniferous Rocks of the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma and Arkansas
Author (s) Hugh D. Miser & C.W. Honess
Date 1927
General Description

This publication contains Bulletin No. 44 and has information on:

  • Studies by present authors and acknowledgments
  • Distribution and age relations of the carboniferous and associated rocks
  • David White on fossil plants from caney, Jackfork and Stanley formations
  • C.S.Prosser on fossil plants from Stanley shale
  • Charles Schuchert on invertebrate fossils from Stanley shale
  • E.O. Ulrich on invertebrate fossils from stanley and jackfork
  • GEO. D. Morgan on caney faunas in arbuckle mountains
  • C.R. Eastman on fish remains from caney shale
  • Invertebrate fossils from jackfork formation
  • Morrow fauna from McCurtain county, Oklahoma
  • Present conclusions of authors on morrow fauna from mccurtain county, oklahoma
  • G.H.Girty on age of caney, jackfork and stanley formations
  • Comparison of caney faunas in different areas
  • Conclusions of present authors
  • 2 Figures

*Includes: 16 pages

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