Water Resources Circular WRC-11

AGC/AGS Series Water Resources Circular
Number Series WRC-11
Title Floods in Arkansas, Magnitude and Frequency Characteristics through 1968
Author (s) J.L. Patterson
Date 1971
General Description

In this report, techniques are presented for estimating the magnitude and frequency of floods on Arkansas streams. Modern topographic maps now available and computer techniques facilitate in making a comprehensive analysis in which physical and climatic characteristics of river basins are related to flood characteristics at gaging stations. Equations derived from the analysis make it possible to estimate the magnitude of future floods with recurrence intervals of as much as 50 years on gaged and ungaged streams that have drainage areas of 0.1-3,000 square miles. An estimate of future flood potential can be used to locate and design flood-control structures, establish flood-insurance rates, and devise flood-zoning plans.

Appendixes in the report contain data on flood characteristics of gaged drainage basins, a summary of climatic and topographic characteristics of drainage basins, peak stages and discharges for gaging stations that have 5 or more years of record, and peak-flow data for out-standing floods at miscellaneous sites.

*Includes: 258 pages, 6 figures, 13 graphs, 5 tables

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