Water Resources Circular WRC-12

AGC/AGS Series Water Resources Circular
Number Series WRC-12
Title Flow-Duration and Low-Flow Frequency Determinations of Selected Arkansas Streams
Author (s) N.M. Williams
Date 1975
General Description

This report is the third in a series dealing with statewide surface-water-supply statistical studies. It contains an update of Hines (1965) flow duration and low-flow frequency data and differs from the earlier report in that data for regulated streams are included and the technique of extending short records is not used.

The report includes

  • A map showing the locations of regular gaging-station and partial-record station data-collection sites
  • A discussion concerning methods of analysis, including those pertaining to flow duration at continuous record stations, estimates of flow duration at partial-record stations, low-flow frequency at continuous record stations, and estimates of low-flow frequency at partial-record sites
  • A discussion of the use of data relating to flow duration and low-flow frequency
  • A map showing areas in Arkansas of sustained base flow as indicated by the 7-day 2-year low flows
  • In the Appendix:  Station descriptions of continuous-record gaging stations and partial-record stations; a table showing flow duration at continuous-record gaging stations on selected Arkansas streams; a table showing low-flow frequency at continuous-record gaging stations on selected Arkansas streams; a table presenting estimates of flow duration and low-flow frequency at partial-record stations on selected Arkansas streams

*Includes: 75 pages, 7 figures, 3 tables

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