Water Resources Summary WRS-16

AGC/AGS Series Water Resources Summary
Number Series WRS-16
Title Use of Water in Arkansas, 1985
Author (s) T.W. Holland
Date 1985, reprinted 1987
General Description

This report contains statistical information relating to water use in Arkansas. The principle categories of water use, other than hydroelectric energy generation, are public supply, self-supplied industrial use, rural domestic and livestock use, irrigation, fish and minnow farming, water for wild life impoundments, and thermoelectric-energy generation.

The report includes:

  • A table of use and consumption of water in Arkansas, 1980 by use category
  • A graph depicting water used in Arkansas by category
  • A map showing the use of water by county, by surface and ground water
  • A table presenting use of water in Arkansas counties, by both category and surface versus ground water
  • A summary table giving Arkansas water-use totals for calendar years 1980-1984 by surface and ground water
  • A set of maps depicting ground-water withdrawls, surface-water withdrawls, and combined ground- and surface-water withdrawls by county for Arkansas, 1985
  • Generalized hydrologic unit map of Arkansas
  • A set of maps giving industrial-, domestic-, and non-irrigation agriculture-water use in Arkansas counties, 1985
  • A table presenting use of water to generate electric energy in Arkansas, by county
  • A table depicting changes in water use in Arkansas from 1980-1985, by use category
  • A table depicting withdrawls of ground water from aquifers in Arkansas counties, 1985
  • A figure displaying ground-water withdrawls by principle aquifer

*Includes: 27 pages, 16 figures, 9 tables

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