Water Resources Summary WRS-5

AGC/AGS Series Water Resources Summary
Number Series WRS-5
Title Use Of Water In Arkansas, 1965
Author (s) H. N. Halberg and J. W. Stephens
Date 1966
General Description

In 1965, Arkansas used an average of 2,142 mgd (million gallons per day) of ground and surface water, 35 percent more than the use in 1960. The quantity used in 1965 does not include more than 8,700 mgd used in the production of the hydroelectric power. The principal categories of use are public supply, self-supplied industrial use, rural domestic and live-stock use, irrigation, fish and minnow farming, water for wildlife impoundments and fish hatcheries, and fuel-electric-power production. More than half the State's total was used for irrigation and 80 percent of the irrigation water was ground water.

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