Geologic Map of Mount Magazine State Park and Vicinity

AGC/AGS Series Digital Geologic Maps
Number Series DGM-SPS-001
Title Geologic Map of Mount Magazine State Park and Vicinity
Author (s) B.R. Haley, C.G. Stone and Scott M. Ausbrooks
Date 2006
Scale 1:24,000
General Description

This map illustrates the geologic formations exposed at the surface in the Mount Magazine State Park and vicinity. The map is a compilation of geology that was scanned, digitized and transferred from the Blue Mountain and Mount Magazine NE 1:24,000 geologic worksheets of 1997 by Haley, B.R. and Stone, C.G. mapped through the COGEOMAP program, a cooperative mapping project with the Oklahoma Geological Survey and the U.S. Geological Survey. The map layout includes the geologic map, description of map units, correlation of map units, stratigraphic column, cross-section, joint frequency diagram, bedding plane stereonet and digital natural-color orthophotograph of the mapped area. Paper copies of this map are available from the Arkansas Geological Survey, Little Rock, Arkansas.

  • Color map
  • Paper size is ~ 48" x 42". 
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