Annual Reports AR-1888-V4

AGC/AGS Series Annual Reports
Number Series AR-1888-V4
Title Annual Report 1888 Vol 4: Geology of Washington County; Plant List
Author (s) John C. Branner
Date 1888
General Description

This annual report contains geology of Washington County, Arkansas

It includes:
  • Topographic features
  • Hydrography north of the Boston Mountains
  • Hydrography south of the Boston Mountains
  • The rocks of Washington County
  • The Eureka Shale
  • The Boone chert and cherty limestone
  • The Wyman sandstone
  • The Fayetteville shale
  • The Batesville shale
  • The Marshall Shale
  • The Archimedes limestone
  • The Washington shale and sandstone
  • The Pentremital limestone
  • The coal-bearing shale
  • The Kessler limestone
  • The Millstone grit formation
  • Folds and faults
  • Economic geology
  • The columnar sections
  • General considerations
  • The Fayetteville-Huntsville section
  • A list of the plants of Arkansas

*Includes: 146 pages;

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