AGC/AGS Series Fieldbooks
Number Series GFb-53-4
Title Measured Sections in Mt.Judea area in AR
Author (s) Ernest Glick
Date 1953
General Description

This fieldbook contains field notes, drawings, and estimates of the geology in the Mt.Judea area in Arkansas.

It includes:

  • South horn mt, sycamore hollow, lower iceledo, atoka section, limestone, campbell creek, cow creek, whiteley creek #1, whiteley creek #2
  • Descriptions of the geologic rock layers in these areas
  • Descriptions are demonstrated through written notes and figures
  • General notes of the structure and stratigraphy of the region

*Includes: 27 pages

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Geologic Fieldbook, Glick, Measured Sections in AR, 1953 PDF (108 MB)

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