AGC/AGS Series Guidebook
Number Series GB 63-1
Title Guidebook, Second Regional Field Conference Southeastern Arkansas Valley and the Ouachita and Frontal Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas
Author (s) Contributing authors
Date 1948
General Description

This guidebook contains a 2-day road log with descriptions of Paleozoic formations at 19 outcrops along the following route: Leaving North Little Rock on Highway 5 to Highway 64, then west to Conway and Morrilton. Then south on Highway 9 to Perryville and west on Highway 60 to Highway 270 West, near Mount Ida turn left on Forest Service road to Collier Springs, then left onto Highway 8 and 71 to Norman. From Norman, take Highway 8 to Mena and west.

The Guidebook contains the following contributed papers:

  • Some philosophical notes on this profession of ours, by George Dillon, p.V.
  • Notes on the geology of the easternmost frontal Ouachitas - southeast Arkansas Valley area,Arkansas, by C.G. Stone, p. 1-4.
  • An introduction to the central Arkansas Ouachita Mountains of western Arkansas, by O.A. Wise, Jr. p. 11-12.
  • Structure and vein quartz of the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma and Arkansas, by H.D. Miser, p. 17-26 (reprinted from The Geology of the Ouachita Mountains - a Symposium, 1959, p. 30-43).
  • Gas purchase contracts with particular reference to the Arkoma Basin, by B.E. Harrell, p. 27-29.
  • Oil and gass possibilities in the Ouachita Mountain region of Arkansas, by W.M. Caplan, p.31-37.
  • A general report of the El Paso Natural Gas Company #1 Cheesman, Scott County, Arkansas, by Dudley Stanley, p. 38-40.
  • Sinclair #1 Reneau and the Potato Hills Anticlinorium, by C.H. Unruh, p. 41-44.
  • In pocket, a columnar section of the Upper Stanley - Lower Atoka sequence in the Rich Mountain syncline, Arkansas and Oklahoma
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