AGC/AGS Series Guidebook
Number Series GB 68-1
Title The Atoka Formation in North-Central Arkansas
Author (s) C.G. Stone
Date 1968
General Description

This guidebook presents a summary of geologic information pertaining to the Atoka Formation in north-central Arkansas as of 1968. No field trip stops are listed, but discussions of the stratigraphy and geologic framework of the lower, middle, and upper portions of the Atoka are presented.

The guidebook includes:

  • An index map of the region
  • A correlation chart of Pennsylvanian and Mississippian units of the northern Arkansas Valley, central Arkansas Valley, transition zone Frontal Ouachita Mountains, and the Frontal Ouachita Mountains
  • Generalized geologic map of north-central Arkansas
  • Diagrammatic cross-section showing restoration of the Atoka Formation
  • A selected list of references

*Includes: 11 pages, 4 figures

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