AGC/AGS Series Guidebook
Number Series GB 79-1
Title A Guidebook to the Ordovician-Mississippian Rocks of North-Central Arkansas
Author (s) J.D. McFarland, III, W.V. Bush, O.A. Wise and D.F. Holbrook
Date 1979
General Description

This report presents geologic information concerning the Ordovician-Mississippian rocks of north Arkansas. Ten stops are described, starting at Mountain View in Stone County going west on Highways 9, 14, and 27 to Marshall in Searcy County and returning to Mountain View along Highways 65, 66, and 9.

The guidebook includes:

  • Index map of road log and written road log
  • Stratigraphic chart of units exposed in north-central Arkansas
  • Geologic maps of each field trip stop
  • Twelve black and white photographs of outcrops at field trip stops
  • Stratigraphic lithology log from a drill hole at the top of the hill at the Peyton Creek phosphate mine
  • Columnar section along U.S. Highway 65 south from Peyton Creek bridge
  • Description of Blanchard Springs Caverns stop
  • Generalized geologic column in the vicinity of Blanchard Springs

*Includes: 25 pages, 6 plates, 16 figures

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