AGC/AGS Series Guidebook
Number Series GB 79-2
Title Geologic Float Guide on the Upper Buffalo National River
Author (s) J.D. McFarland, III
Date 1979
General Description

This guidebook presents geologic information concerning the sedimentary section of rocks exposed along various floatable regions of the Buffalo National River. The river rises in western Newton County and flows via a sinous path easterly for about 150 miles, where it enters the White River in eastern Marion County. The guidebook contains geologic descriptions of Ordovician through lower Mississippian units exposed along the river, and brief discussions on the structure and mineralization of these units. A geo-float guide, beginning at the low-water bridge on Highway 74, southeast of Ponca, ends at Camp Orr Boy Scout Camp, some 12.5 miles downriver. A shorter alternative float of 9 miles begins at Steel Creek and ends at the take-out at Kyle's Landing. The guidebook includes a fold-out geologic map of the Buffalo River area with mileage markers from the Ponca low-water bridge.

*Includes: 6 pages, 1 plate

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