AGC/AGS Series Guidebook
Number Series GB 82-1
Title Field Guide to the Magnet Cove Area and Selected Mining Operations and Mineral Localities in Central Arkansas
Author (s) C.G. Stone, J.M. Howard and D.F. Holbrook
Date 1982, reprinted 1985
General Description

This guidebook covers 14 stops on a three-day field trip emphasising economic geology and rock and mineral collecting in the eastern end of the Ouachita Mountains. The first day's five stops are located within a two-county area between Hot Springs and Malvern, and include Smith's Whetstone plant, Union Carbide's Wilson Springs vanadium mines, Union Carbide's Christy vanadium mine, NL Industries Chamberlain Creek barite mine, and the Hot Springs in Hot Springs National Park. The second day's stops, also in the same area as those of the first day, include Malvern Minerals tripoli mine, Smith's whetstone quarry, and five stops in and about Magnet Cove to look at igneous rock outcrops. The third day's stops are north and east of Lake Ouachita, and include Coleman's Rock Shop and crystal mine and the Dug Hill wavellite locality near Avant.

*Includes: 31 pages, 16 figures

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