AGC/AGS Series Guidebook
Number Series GB 84-2
Title A Guidebook to the Geology of the Central and Southern Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas
Author (s) C.G. Stone and B. R. Haley
Date 1984
General Description

This 3-day field trip guidebook is a guide to the structure and stratigraphy of the major mapped units in the central and southern Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. It includes numerous foldout geologic maps, cross-sections, and photographs pertinent to the 22 described stops. There is also an extensive bibliography of Ouachita geology references. Contributed papers include:

Contributed papers include:

  • Summary of the geology of the central and southern Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas, by C.G. Stone and W. V. Bush, p. 65-75.
  • A structural cross section through the Ouachita Mountains of western Arkansas, by J. K. Arbenz, p. 76-85.
  • Cocorp reflection profiles across the Ouachita Mountains, by R. J. Lillie, K. D. Nelson, Beatrice deVoogd, J. E. Oliver, L. D. Brown, and Sidney Kaufman, p.86-92.
  • Conodonts from Ordovician rocks, Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas, by R. L. Ethington, p.93-98.
  • Paleomagnetic measurements in the eastern Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas, by D. L. Smith and D. T. Jenkins, p. 99-110.
  • Geometry and origin of folds and faults in the Arkansas Novaculite at Caddo Gap, by Jay Zimmerman, p. 111-115.
  • Southern source for upper Jackfork Sandstone, Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas, by M. R. Owen, p. 116-122.
  • U-Pb zircon ages of granitic boulders in the Ordovician Blakely Sandstone, Arkansas and implications for their provenance, by S. A. Bowring, p. 123.
  • Barite in the western Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas, by A. W. Mitchell, p. 124-131.

*Includes: 131 pages, 23 plates, 42 figures, 4 tables

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