AGC/AGS Series Guidebook
Number Series GB 86-2
Title Sedimentary and Igneous Rocks of the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, Part I
Author (s) C.G. Stone, J.M. Howard and B.R. Haley
Date 1986
General Description

This guidebook presents information on 29 stops covered by a 4-day field trip in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. The stops include those emphasizing major unit lithology, structure and stratigraphy, economic geology, and igneous rock lithology and mineralization. A daily road map accompanies each day's descriptions. Each stop includes a geologic map and some stops include cross sections. The text is profusely illustrated with photographs, diagrams, and line models. This guidebook is part 1 of a 2-volume set, the other part being GB 86-3.

Contributed papers include:

  • Regional gravity anomalies in the Ouachita Mountains area, by J. M. Kruger and G. R. Keller, p. 85-97.
  • Geology and petrology of the Prairie Creek intrusive, Murfreesboro, Arkansas, by E. E. Morris, p. 99-106.
  • Summary of isotopic dates of Cretaceous igneous rocks of Arkansas, by J. M. Howard, p. 107-108.
  • Phosphate minerals of Arkansas, by A. L. Kidwell, p. 109-114.
  • Jackfork Group sandstones along the Talimena Trail, Arkansas and Oklahoma, by Haki Naz and C.F. Mansfield, p. 115-125.
  • Exposures of Jackfork Group sandstones near DeGray Lake, Arkansas, by C. E. Breckon and C. F. Mansfield, p. 126-130.
  • Reelfoot Rift: Illinois basin-Ouachita geosyncline connection, by L. F. Berry, p.131-141.

*Includes: 151 pages, 27 plates, 73 figures, 1 table

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