AGC/AGS Series Guidebook
Number Series GB 94-2
Title The Jackfork Formation of Arkansas: A Test for the Walker-Mutti-Vail Models for Deep-Sea Fan Deposition
Author (s) J.L. Coleman, Jr., Gordon Van Swearingen and Curtis E. Breckon
Date 1994 (Prepared for the South-Central Section, GSA's Field Trip March 20-23, 1974)
General Description

This 1-day trip examines the functionality of widely used, deep-sea fan models to adequately predict facies succession of a deep-sea fan complex. The Jackfork Formation is used as a type example for testing of this hypothesis. Six stops are described in detail, including DeRoche Ridge Highway 7 roadcut, DeGray Lake exposures (eastern shore), DeGray Dam Intake section, DeGray Spillway, DeGray Dam powerhouse, and Murray quarry, all in Clark County. Individual field-trip site information includes key reference, location, and discussion of pertinent features of each outcrop relating to the various models cited below.

Included in the report are:

  • History of Model Development and description of the Walker Model, the Mutti Model,and the Vail Model
  • Discussion of problems with models and requirements for effective models
  • An alternative point of view: the futility of the general application of models
  • Discussion of the regional basin setting of the Jackfork Formation, age, paleoenvironmental interpretations, and the Jackfork depositional basin, including factors controlling Jackfork deposition
  • Maps of the Early Carboniferous paleogeographic setting and Morrow paleogeography in the Ouachita Basin
  • Location map of field trip stops
  • 15.5 foot-long foldout of the DeGray area stratigraphic column, in pocket

*Includes: 56 pages, 35 figures, 4 tables

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