Information Circular IC-12

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Number Series IC-12
Title Lower Cretaceous and Jurassic Formations of Southern Arkansas and Their Oil and Gas Possibilities
Author (s) R.W. Imlay
Date 1940, reprinted 1980
General Description

This publication describes potential oil- and gas-bearing formations in an approximately 9,000 square mile area of the southeastern portion of the Gulf Coastal Plain in Arkansas.

It includes:

  • Regional stratigraphy, major structural features, history of production, and oil and gas possibilities Formations of the Jurassic system, including the Morehouse shale, Eagle Mills, Smackover, Buckner, and Cotton Valley. Details include the definition, lithologic and stratigraphic features, correlation, and origin.
  • Formations of the Lower Cretaceous system, including the Hosston, Sligo, Pine Island, Rodessa, Ferry Lake anhydrite, Mooringsport, Paluxy, Goodland (Comanche Peak), and Kiamichi. Details include the definition, lithologic and tratigraphic features, correlation, and origin.
  • Stratigraphy by Counties: Sevier, Howard, and Pike; Little River; Hempstead; Nevada; Ouachita; Calhoun, Bradley, and Ashley; Clark, Dallas, Cleveland, Drew, and Chicot; Miller; Lafayette; Columbia; and Union

*Includes: 64 pages, 26 plates, 17 tables

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