Information Circular IC-15

AGC/AGS Series information-circulars
Number Series IC-15
Title Clay Resources of the Wilcox Group in Arkansas
Author (s) N.F. Williams and Norman Plummer
Date 1951
General Description

This publication describes deposits of clay contained in the Wilcox group of south-central Arkansas

It includes:

  • Ceramic data for a total of 43 samples
  • General discussion of the stratigraphy, mineralogy, and origin of the minerals contained in clay beds in the Wilcox
  • Definitions of the types of clay, based on their usage; relationship between mineral composition and physical properties; and laboratory testing procedures for clays; fired properties; ceramic properties
  • Descriptions of localities in Dallas, Grant, Hot Spring, Pulaski, and Saline Counties
  • Notes on clay occurrences in Ouachita and Miller Counties *The use of Wilcox clays and a bibliography

*Includes: 98 pages, 7 plates, 3 figures, 5 tables

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