Information Circular IC-20D

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Number Series IC-20D
Title Geologic Formations Penetrated by the Shell Oil Company No. 1 Western Coal and Mining Company, well on the Backbone Anticline, Sebastian County, Arkansas
Author (s) B.R. Haley and S.E. Frezon
Date 1965
General Description

The Shell Oil Co. No. 1 Western Coal and Mining Co. well in Sebastian County, Arkansas, penetrated the oldest rocks encountered in any well drilled in the Arkansas Valley in Arkansas to the date of this publication (1965). The lithology of the stratigraphic units penetrated by this well are described in this report. Units described include the McAlester Formation, Hartshorne Sandstone, Atoka Formation, Bloyd Shale, Hale Formation, Pitkin Limestone, Fayetteville Shale, Lower portion of the Chester and Meramec Series (undivided), Chattanooga Shale, Penters Chert, St. Clair equivalent, Cason Shale, Fernvale Limestone, Middle Ordovician Series, Plattin Limestone, Joachim Dolomite, St. Peter Sandstone, Everton Formation, Powell Dolomite, Cotter Dolomite, Jefferson City Dolomite, Roubidoux Formation, Gasconade Dolomite and Van Buren Formation (undifferentiated), Upper Cambrian Series.

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