Information Circular IC-20M

AGC/AGS Series information-circulars
Number Series IC-20M
Title Data For the Assessment of Federal Coal Resources of Arkansas
Author (s) W.V. Bush and G.W. Colton
Date 1982, revised 1983
General Description

This report presents a variety of data related to the assessment of Federal coal reserves in Arkansas.

It includes:

  • A general discussion of the geology, stratigraphy, and structure of the formations containing potentially mineable coal beds
  • 30 blackline reduced scale topographic maps with coal sites, outcrop of coal beds, structure, and site identification numbers
  • A table containing basic data for coal localities in west-central Arkansas, including location (GLO, lat.-long., and UTM grid), formation and coal bed name, thickness, elevation, coal analyses (if available), source of data
  • A table containing proximate and ultimate analyses of coal beds in study area
  • A table of major, minor, and trace-element composition of coal samples, reported on a whole-coal basis
  • A table of major and minor oxide and trace-element composition of laboratory ash of coal samples from Arkansas
  • An extensive reference list related to coal, coal analysis, coal mining, and methods of sampling for coal analysis

*Includes: 73 pages, 30 plates, 4 figures, 9 tables

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