Information Circular IC-30

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Number Series IC-30
Title Petrographic Analyses of Early and Middle Ordovician Age Rocks in Montgomery County, Arkansas
Author (s) M.S. Erickson, Barbara Chazin and B.R. Haley
Date 1986
General Description

This report is a summary of spectrographic analyses for 31 elements for samples obtained from 6 drill holes in Montgomery County. Two of the drill holes were from the Arkansas Geological Commission (MI-1 and MCG-1) and four were from holes released to the AGC by Exxon Minerals Corporation (MC-1, MC-4, MC-4A, MC-5).

It includes:

  • A location map of the drill holes
  • Stratigraphic position and lithologic descriptions of rocks penetrated by drill holes
  • A table displaying limits of determinations for spectrographic analyses for elements
  • A table displaying 25 chemical analyses for each of 208 samples (6 elements were below instrumental detection limits and are not included in the table)

*Includes: 10 pages, 2 figures, 7 tables

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