Information Circular IC-38

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Number Series IC-38
Title Natural Gas Potential of Pennsylvanian Tight Sandstone Reservoirs—Frontal Ouachita Fold and Thrust Belt, West-Central Arkansas
Author (s) M. E. Ratchford, Peng Li
Date 2008
General Description

This report investigates the reservoir properties of Pennsylvanian sandstones from three wells located in Yell and Scott Counties, Arkansas. These reservoir characteristics are compared and contrasted with the conventional sandstone reservoirs in the "fairway region" located in the west-central Arkoma basin of Arkansas. The primary data compiled and generated include porosity and permeability measurements from drill core, a report with vitrinite reflectance measurements from interbedded shales, well logs, photomicrographs and a petrographic report. All data, maps and reports are compiled on CD-ROM.

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