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AGC/AGS Series Open-File Report
Number Series OFR 2013-1000
Title Petrographic and Geochemical Analyses of the Lower Smackover Formation, Dow Chemical Smith #1, Columbia County and Murphy Chester #1 Wells, Union County, Arkansas
Author (s) Peng Li and Michael Ed Ratchford
Date December 2013
General Description

This report includes the petrographic and geochemical analyses conducted by industry on two wells drilled in south Arkansas: Dow Chemical Smith #1 (Sec. 3-T17S-R21W) located in Columbia County and Murphy Chester #1 (Sec. 32-T19S-R17W) in Union County. The purpose of the well study is to determine the source rock quality and petrographic nature of the lower Smackover Formation, referred to informally as the Brown Dense zone.

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