Roadside Geology Series

AGC/AGS Series Roadside Geology Series
Number Series RGS-02
Title Geologic Road Guide to Arkansas State Highway 10
Author (s) Richard R. Cohoon, Jason A. Patton, Victor K. Vere, Arkansas Tech University
Date 2017
General Description

A Geotour of the Southern Arkoma Basin Fold Belt and Related Ouachita Mountain Tectonic Zones

State Highway 10 (AR-10) begins in Little Rock and extends west 139 miles (224 kilometers) to the Oklahoma State Line, 1.2 miles (1.9 kilometers) west of Hackett. From Ola to Hackett it is designated an Arkansas Scenic Byway. The route crosses portions of two of Arkansas' five physiographic provinces exposing a landscape that is both beautiful and geologically complex. Also, you will be introduced to one of Arkansas' major natural gas and coal-producing regions.

*Includes: 72 pages, 27 figures

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