AGC/AGS Series Bulletin
Number Series 21
Title Quartz, Rectorite, and Cookeite from the Jeffrey Quarry Near North Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas
Author (s) H.D. Miser and Charles Milton
Date 1964
General Description

This publication describes the unusual deposits of quartz, rectorite, and cookeite at a quarry site in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The following aspects are discussed:

  • Background, location, and occurrence of quartz crystals, cookeite, and rectorite in Arkansas
  • Igneous rocks and other minerals present in the quarry
  • Chemical and x-ray powder analyses of Arkansas cookeite and rectorite are contrasted with these minerals from other sites around the world
  • Photographs of the Jeffrey quarry and photomicrographs of the minerals

*Includes: 29 pages, 11 figures, 5 tables

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